My name is Hamza and I’m working in the oil and gas industry as an Inspection Engineer. I have the below credentials:


This site is built for everyone involved in the inspection of equipment in the oil and gas industry wishing to become and API certified inspector. We have practice exams for most of the API certifications.

The practice exams we offer will help you be completely prepared for any questions that may come up in your certification.

Sure, there are hundreds of websites out there about API certification and training, but none of them offers only practice exams at a fair price.

Our exams are updated yearly or whenever there is a change in the API codes or certifications (for example, in 2019 API switched to 170 questions for 510, 570 and 653 certifications!)

Best of luck to you all! (Who needs luck when you’ve prepared well?)

You can reach me at [ instructor@api-inspector.com ] or send me a text on our messenger


When I was preparing for my API certifications, I was frustrated by the lack of affordable practice exams. All I could find were either:

physical seminars that took one week or more for at least 1000$ plus your travel and accommodation, or

online courses that charged at least 400$ for a voice over powerpoint presentation

Neither was appealing to me.

So, I set-out to create a platform that provides candidates with comprehensive practice questions to prepare for the exams at a fair price. I created api-inspector.com to be an experience as close as possible to that of the actual certification exam, so that you won’t have any surprises on your big day.